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Giant Drag’s Annie Hardy – The Collapse Board Interview

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Annie bloody nose

How’s your health going at the moment?

It’s going alright, it’s been a struggle with poverty over the past couple of months because I don’t have a record to sell or I can’t do my job; I can’t fucking have a career when there is no product to sell. That again was a very humbling experience although I fucking loved the shit out of it, getting on food stamps … I had a nosebleed that day from stabbing myself in the nose with my fingernail; I had a brand new EBT card which stands for Electronic Benefits Transfer and I brought a coconut water at 7-11 with my nose all bloody — I was so happy! It was one of the best days of the year other than watching my cat give birth and becoming an instant veterinarian. That was fucking gnarly, the miracle of life is so disgusting yet magical.

I saw some of those photos on your blog of both the kittens after birth and of your bloody nose.

Oh yeah that was a good one. Me and my friend Michael who was my roommate 10 years ago when I lived in a closet under the stairs … he’s one of those friends that leave your life for10 years and then comes back like he was never gone even though you’re both older … we just had the most fun. I don’t know why everyone else at Social Services was so bummed? Probably because they were just as poor as me but I just looked at it as I’m getting free ice-cream, I just got my first bloody nose – kind of like when you get your first period – I’m going to celebrate … and I did! That is where me and a lot of society seem to have problems [laughs] because that’s weird or something … then I started losing all this weight because I started firing everyone or made everyone quit. Before the clarity came in it was just like shitty bitch was didn’t know what she wanted but knew she didn’t want what was going on in the band. I was just being a fucking dick. In hindsight that is clear but at the time I felt totally entitled to what I was doing. Everyone, not one person that was in the band or working with the band, works with me now. I just cleaned house entirely because I had to take responsibility for whatever happens. I’m really good at blaming other people for like failures and stuff – half the time it turns out it was their fault – but I just had to go it alone on this one.

Annie + kitten

I’ve heard there will be a Giant Drag documentary made by Erik Andrews about the journey of making this album?

That’s news to me. I’ve heard about a couple of documentaries. I’ve asked Erik to do a documentary. I was like, Erik come over at 2 or 3pm when I wake up and start filming it’s going to be awesome. Crazy shit will just happen! I bet you one person dies! He lives far away though. I found a bunch of footage from tour that I went through which is really kind of sad because Giant Drag leads the most non-rockstar lives on video and tour. Aaron was actually watching some of it with me and felt sorry for me and rightly so. I was like, I remember this tour! The only person that had sex was a roadie! The most exciting part was when we were in the bus and watching Teen Wolf and I had everyone stand up when Michael J Fox gets on top of the van. It’s like touring for elementary schoolers. I had heard all these really gnarly tour stories from all my dude friends – Joe especially – so I expected all this excitement but I was so disappointed but kind of not because I did make my own fun though. Micah would get tired of me because there were only two of us in the band and he’d just turn the video camera viewfinder around and I’d just talk to myself back then. I eventually realised his genius fucking ways and was like, I know what you’re doing here Micah and I’m fine with it go ahead. I aim to not have sex with anyone because I don’t want to do that … there’s something different about being a girl on tour especially with my demographic but something exciting and explosive has to happen next I go on tour or I’m going to be pissed! I’m getting old and rickety. My body is like a fucking 80-year-old woman.

Giant Drag live this year:

Find Annie’s blog here.

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