Fuck Albums: Tamsin’s Best of 2011

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Art Museums

Number one song with a sugar bullet was this:

1. Art Museums – Dancing With a Hole in Your Heart

I listen to it over and over again. Such a gorgeous simple melody that in just under a minute and a half evokes a time when I’d dance in my bedroom by myself. Well actually I still do sometimes, well kind of, all the time. But at least I go out and do it with other people as well now.

2. Bleeding Knees Club – Have Fun

Frat boys from Queensland. Actually I don’t really know what frat boys are – something to do with date rape right? Let’s try and get over that for the moment and just embrace the glorious dumbness of this record

3. Burning Hearts – Into the Wilderness

Beautiful frozen Finnish pop to be listened to alongside ‘It Doesn’t Take A Whole Week’ by Karaocake. And on a similar tip:

4. Desire – Under Your Spell

OK, it was first released a few years ago but came to my attention in 2011 via the Drive soundtrack. At 1.36 there’s a fantastic pop talky bit, referencing The Shangri-Las in a completely cool way and then it breaks down into synth handclaps and it’s lovely.

5. John Maus – Cop Killer

This one is interesting anthropologically. Middle class white kids bought Ice T’s ‘Cop Killer’ to shock their parents, rather than out of identification with the lyrics. But this year, student protesters have been criminalised, idealistic, frightened teenagers have been equated with terrorists and police forces worldwide have used casual violence as a tool to protect capital, not people. There is something so jaded and weary and sad about the vocal on this song. But not as jaded and weary and sad as this:

6. Lana Del Rey – Video Games

It’s the harp that does it. Blimey, better bring the mood back up:

7. Rasheeda – Boss Bitch Back

Another great big, stupid pile of defiant fuck you-ness. I always listen to it on my way out. To the library, or for a nice walk in the country, or to buy some cat food. That’s the ticket.

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