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free stuff. here. FREE! FREE! music from Nepal to Vietnam and most everywhere in-between

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You know what? This is such a good deal, I’m not even going to couch it in fancy language. Here we go. Direct from the horse’s mouth at Tenzenmen.

To launch the new Tenzenmen website, Tenzenmen is making every single item available on the site free for the first two weeks of July!

All you have to do to take advantage of this offer is join the mail list on the contact page and to ‘like’ the Facebook page.

Once you’ve done that don’t bother clicking on any of the add to cart links – just send me an email with your shipping address and what you want! Choose as much as you like (but don’t say everything – cos then you’d be Tenzenmen!). Make sure to include your Facebook name and email address so I can doublecheck you meet the above criteria.

Share this with your friends! Tell everyone!

This offer is open to folks outside Australia too, but some shipping costs covered would be mightily appreciated!

Tenzenmen is the world’s number one distributor for alternative music from the whole Australasian region. The label has released many bands from China to Malaysia and the distro holds 1000s of items from Nepal to Vietnam and most everywhere in-between. Now’s your chance to get a listen to some new music for free!


Holy crap! What the fuck are you all waiting for? This guy has a shit-load of weird and good shit. Shit yeah. I’ve already written about a couple of his bands here (especially recommended) and here.

And I’ve been meaning to write something about these guys, these guys and these guys forever.

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