Five albums you probably have never heard of

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1. The Walker Brothers – Nite Flights
The Walker Brothers were a huge Sixties sensation, arguably bigger than The Beatles in the UK for a while in their heyday. As with many boy bands in the Sixties, fame didn’t last forever and they split ways in 1967. Probably due to poverty more than anything they briefly reunited in 1976 with a comeback single which charted in the UK top 10.  The three albums they released around the same time didn’t go anywhere commercially. Their final opus Night Flights is essential listening for fans of avant-garde. It’s impossible to find anywhere. I’ll email you a zip if you ask nicely. It’s probably my favorite cult album.

2. Birth Glow – Ultimate Relief
I was staying and playing at the Grace Emily in Adelaide, the rider was unlimited so I asked who held the record for drinking the most beer ever. Some local I can’t remember held the record, 45 scooners. I was attempting to break the record, at about 25 scooners a band got up on stage. This band was Birth Glow. I don’t remember the set that well, I crawled up the stairs after 30 scooners. It’s all a bit blurry, but I woke up cuddling the best CD I’ve ever taken home from a gig.

3. Big Brass Bed – The Miracle Of Lifelike
Big Brass Bed are the most underrated band of all time. When I got home from a stint in New York, the first person to contact me was Adrian Waters, asking me to play with him at club in West End. I supported him and after my gig I went outside and chain-smoked a pack of cigarettes and talked loudly to my friends. I didn’t watch him, I didn’t care, I was young and much more obnoxious and egotistical than I am now. He asked if we could trade albums after the show. We did. His is the best record I’ve ever traded mine for. You can’t find this album anywhere. I’ll send it to you if you promise to post $10 to his house in Ipswich. Absolute unacknowledged genius, you will loose all faith in the local industry after you hear this album.

4. Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band – Lick My Decals Off Baby
Recorded for Frank Zappa’s label  in Seventies this is the album you put on to clear a bad party, or start a great one. It’s probably the weirdest album in my collection. I inherited from my father when he came over and dumped his vinyl collection on me, claiming he didn’t have room for it anymore. I first heard it when I was 19. I was converting my dad’s LP’s to MP3 for him, when I heard this I laughed my head off. It’s hilarious. Then second time I heard it I danced around the house. No one I’ve ever played it for has liked it.

Good luck finding it.

5. Charles Du Cane – Tomahawk
If you’re from Tasmania this one won’t count. Charles is notorious in Hobart. I’m not sure whether Charles knows whether or not he is taking the piss. I know how he feels. This album was recorded on an Nineties Apple computer, you wouldn’t know listening to it. Its fantastic. It’s a combination of samples and guitars, and it’s true Australiana.

If you contact Charles on MySpace he will send you an album, and probably anything else you ask for.

3 Responses to Five albums you probably have never heard of

  1. EverettTrue August 30, 2010 at 10:57 am

    (from Facebook)

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    Dominic Valvona
    Nite Flights (Bowie shit himself on hearing this) and Lick My Decals – good choices. Walker Brothers much derided, which is a travesty, so good to see a mention. Not sure why its such a rare album to get hold of.
    12 hours ago

    Tim Footman I bet you one of those albums is entirely invented, to trap any posers who might claim to have heard of them all (and own them on mint vinyl). Well, that’s what I would have done.
    10 hours ago

    Taylor Parkes
    I wish people wouldn’t do that “you’ve probably never heard of these records” thing. “Nite Flights” is a pretty well known record, isn’t it? And not only have a rather large number of people heard of “Lick My Decals Off, Baby” by Captain Beefheart, many of them will also be able to spell the title correctly.
    3 hours ago

    Edward Guglielmino
    I can’t have been more polite than “probably never heard of”.
    15 minutes ago

  2. Henry Oliver February 16, 2015 at 9:22 pm

    This is me asking nicely for a zip of Nite Flights. I’m actually writing my dissertation on Scott, and can’t find a copy of it anywhere, even on CD. I heard it’s been repressed on vinyl but I need a digital copy really. Nice article, many thanks.

  3. andy i February 18, 2015 at 7:09 am

    There’s a stream. You can download off of there using various apps as well.

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