Emily Jones – Autumn Eye (Owltextures)

Emily Jones – Autumn Eye (Owltextures)
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By Eliza Muddle

Out of time in a fuzzy land both familiar and strange, gentle melodies enchant like Laudanum, cutting me free from these worldly chains.  This is musick (with a ‘k’) of the earth, her roots sprawling under spiced soil, reaching deep into the nourishing moisture of creation and invisibly, through thick air, absorbed through flesh, saturating the organs, possessing the soul.

I’m dreaming of a sunny autumn stroll down a long since abandoned Sesame Street with sweet Yoko. We stop by Mazzy Star’s for some mushroom tea and toast; we’re on the verandah, peering through Autumn’s sunny haze as Love pack their gear into a nearby flatbed truck.

As Emily sings, her spirits smile to be remembered and nature herself takes a bow. Whether it be a secular prayer to a loved one (‘Bed Of Mud’) or a joyful ode to a different kind of loss (‘Pieces Of Peter’), the songs evoke super-reality, poetic and humorous as life itself.

Back home my children play, smiling, bathing in the music’s glow, like Wes Anderson decided to direct our lives for 26 glorious minutes.

I awake, soul refreshed and ready to take on anything.

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