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Ed Kuepper & Chris Bailey

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I took this photo a few months ago, just before Ed and Chris did some shows together. I came back to it the other day after talking to a friend about Ed and photographers, which led me to listen to Ed’s songs again.

I like this photo a lot. Musicians are meant to be interesting and visually appealing to people. They’re meant to visually embody the music they make. I don’t really know if this photo does that but they both do have very kind eyes. I’d like to think too that Ed is only seconds away from smiling. Chris has a face that looks to me like a grand oil painting.

How many people (apart from your blood relations) have you had a relationship with for more than 30 years? I like how comfortable these two fellows are in each other’s presence. I (quietly) sat in on a conversation they were having and they really are the yin and yang to each other.

I didn’t want to waste anyone’s time so I only took four frames – maybe a 60-second photo shoot at best. They knew what to do, as did I. I wish all musicians were this down to earth! Maybe that comes with time.

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