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Dasha Bikceem a.k.a. Designer Imposter – The Collapse Board Interview

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What other projects are you working on? I read a blog post a little while back that mentioned you’d be talking with friends about starting an organisation to stand up to and help revolutionize the police force?

That’s in the works right now. We’re in the process of starting demonstrations to request that the police step down, and that we eliminate the police and have a different type of security system. It’s a little bit crazy sounding maybe [laughs]. What happened in Egypt was inspiring to see; to see what the people could do. Amongst friends we started talking about what are our problems here, specifically in New York? A larger problem for the world in general is policing, which is like an arm of the military basically. The prison system where the police act as an agent of the prison system is like modern day slavery. That’s what we’re working on, trying to strategize a way to have a non-violence resistance and to create something that would be an alternative to what we know now as the police force. It’s in the works!

You’re also trying to start a book club? A kind of radical reading group?

That hasn’t really happened yet but the idea is floating around. There’s too many things happening! [laughs]

Then what else is happening?

Mostly I’m just working on my business, the Klub Kid Vintage stuff, music and the Police Revolution Now which is what we’re trying to get going. I figure that if I try to do too many things at once nothing will get done.

What influences your love of vintage and 80s fashion?

Growing up in the 80s and liking clothes, I think dress is very creative. It’s something I’ve liked to do since I was little and you gotta make money somehow right? Why not use one of my obsessions to do it!

Do you have any fashion icons? …other than Grace Jones!

[Laughs] Other than Grace Jones?! Obviously I really like Poly Styrene. Every time I see her videos it always blows my mind how unique and different she was and how ahead of her time she was. She would put such weird clothes together. Sometimes she would dress like such a weird old lady!

I read an interview with her a few days ago and she talked about why she dressed the way that she did and she said that it was because she wanted to be appreciated for her work and her lyrics especially — to not just be seen as a sex symbol.

I really respect that but I also just think she had really great style! I’m trying to think of someone else I like, someone more new. It’s hard though because I’m so trapped in the 80s! [Laughs]. I love Cyndi Lauper so much!

How do you describe your own style?

It’s a mix of hip hop, punk and goth and a little bit dandy.

What look are you channeling today?

Today I’m wearing a shirt with Frankenstein on it, black jeans, and a men’s wool hat.

I wanted to ask you about the significance of your chest tattoo that reads ‘Lucky Punk’?

It was one of those things that was like a self-fulfilling prophecy. Maybe I was feeling like I wasn’t feeling so lucky and that I wanted good things to happen!

Would you say you’re a spiritual person?

I mean, well sure. I don’t believe in God or anything. I would pretty much say that I am an atheist. I definitely have respect for nature and feel connected to it, that’s part of who I am. I don’t know that I would use the word ‘spiritual’ though, because I don’t know what that means?

For me it’s a feeling a lot of the time, something I can’t put into words, just a connection to things. It’s just there, if that makes sense.

Yeah it does.

What are the things you really care about right now?

I’m really interested in doing the Police Revolution Now thing and really getting people mobilized and ready to do it because a lot of people are really scared of the police in New York. They are very violent. They’re out of control! I like to call the police in New York a gang — they’re one of the most powerful gangs in the city. They act above the law; they have nothing to do with the law. They are fascist, racist and they’re ruining my city!

Dasha’s Blog: No Time For Fake Ninjas

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