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Counting Crows hit Tivoli with attitude | and 12 more metaphors involving dogs

Counting Crows hit Tivoli with attitude | and 12 more metaphors involving dogs
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The Collapse Board editors enjoyed local paper, the Courier-Mail‘s coverage of the recent Cunting Crows Brisbane show. We did feel, however, that the reviewer didn’t go far enough with his dog theme.

Here are 20 more suggestions for the next time Mr O’Brien fancies venturing out-of-doors.

  1. The audience smelled like a wet dog
  2. The front row waggled their mobiles like the tail of a dog
  3. The sound was a bitch
  4. The guitars howled like two dogs fighting
  5. The drums were a dog pound
  6. The band decided to let sleeping dogs lie and give much of their old material a miss
  7. The bassist was the dog’s bollocks
  8. The singer threw the crowd a bone with their big hit
  9. The set was a dog’s breakfast
  10. Every dog has its day. Counting Crows’ day was in 1994
  11. “Hush, puppies!” the singer barked to his young fans panting down the front.
  12. Shades of their past dogged the present
  13. One final song and they were doggone out of there!
  14. Decent taste didn’t stand a dog’s chance
  15. The sound engineer was in the dog house
  16. Hounded by their fans…
  17. Hot diggity dog! That opener was quite something!
  18. It was a dog-eat-dog world when Counting Crows started playing music
  19. What a booze hound!
  20. Overall mark: Canine out of 10

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