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Catcall – The Collapse Board Interview

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Where do you get your fashion sense? Who inspires your style?

I really like Pam Hogg, she’s that UK designer, she’s kind of got that punk thing going on. It’s all really random. I work with a girl — an old friend — that helps me put things together for outfits and stuff. We use a lot of vintage because it’s always fun and exciting to find cool things to put together. Whenever I’m thinking about pop artists like Grace Jones, hands down the design of her show and her outfits are amazing, incredible! She was ahead of all of the gals today like Lady Gaga and whatnot that are trying to create big art in their shows. Grace Jones’ style is pretty amazing. I got really inspired by Serge Lutens who did the Shiseido artworks for a while. We just did some cool photo shoots that was inspired by that. For the photo shoots I kind of just go trawl the internet for images that excite me or that are a little bit weird and off kilter.

I noticed from you Tweets that you’re a big tennis fan.

Yeah [laughs] I am a big tennis fan.

Where’s that passion come from? Do you play tennis?

Yeah I do play. I play a couple of times a week. I’ve been watching it since I was a little kid. It’s the only sport that I really care about at all. I went for the first time to the Australian Open by myself. It’s like my lonely hobby and passion. I just really love it. I think it’s a beautiful, sexy sport. It makes me really anxious though, sometimes I can’t watch. I don’t really have that many people I share it with, it’s really funny.

On your Twitter it also said you’re “really fucking excited” for August, late October and then February 2012.

Yeah they’re things that are happening that I can’t talk about — singles coming out, tour possibilies and all that jazz and hopefully the record next year, or this year depending on how things go. It’s all up in the air. It all depends on things with the label. I am really excited! I am really excited to be playing regularly again. I haven’t done that for a really long time, it’s like the payoff for working on the record and creating it. I can’t wait to be able to just tour non-stop for the next two years.

What else are you feeling passionate about right now besides your music?

I’m feeling pretty passionate about cooking, cooking vegetarian. I’m also pretty passionate about federal politics — I have an interest in it, I pay attention to it because I think it affects everything we do. Tennis, politics, vegetarian food.

I’ll send you a link to a recent chat I had with Molly Neuman from Bratmobile. She has a catering business Simple Social Kitchen and they teach cooking classes and do a whole manner of food related things, there’s links to veggie recipes of hers at the end of it.

That’s awesome! That would be amazing. My sister has been a vegetarian for a really long time. At the moment I’m doing ‘Dry July’ (a challenge of a month long sponsored abstinence from alcohol with proceeds going to benefit lives of adults living with cancer) and while I’m not going out and drinking my hobby has become to get really creative with vegetarian dishes. Me and a really good friend have this life-long plan to open up a high end vegetarian eatery in Sydney. There’s not that much high end vegetarian in Sydney. There’s not many options. There’s so much you can do.

I’ve been vegetarian for over a decade and when I go to Sydney one of my favourite places to eat is Mother Chu’s.

Yeah totally! There’s not many options. There’s a place that has opened on Crown St called Yulli’s that does vegetarian tapas but it’s not really that interesting. I think we could get really interesting with it and it could be exciting … like the way they prepare meat, everyone is taking risks and doing a lot of crazy fun things with meat but there is so much you can do with vegetarian and vegan cuisine.

One more question, what’s a perfect day for you?

Sleep in, have breakfast somewhere and then watch a 90s erotic thriller. Have a nap in the afternoon and then go out and have a really nice glass of wine. I’m really into simple, lazy things at the moment.

Listen to Catcall Swiming Pool here

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