Blank Realm + Songs + Bare Grillz @ The Cambridge Hotel, 02.10.10

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This show was part of the annual This Is Not Art/Sound Summit festival. I’ve never seen so many people at a show in Newcastle – the place was packed. Memories of this night for me are pretty much a blur, a lack of self-restraint wiped me out early on and that’s why video cameras rule.


Blank Realm playing some serious psych jams in Newcastle – hell yeah.


One of the last shows Songs are playing with their current lineup. The first video is ‘Something to Believe in’ from their self-titled 2009 album and the second video is a brand new song. This footage was filmed by Kieran Lavering.


I was last in Newcastle in April and I played at Rob from Bare Grillz’ house and it was the first time they had ever played in front of people I think, they were really sloppy and cool and hurt my ears but what was even better than that was returning to Newcastle 6 months later and watching them play a brutally confident set to a huge crowd of people going nuts over them. I love that shit.

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