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A week in the life of Chris Martin

A week in the life of Chris Martin
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It’s drizzling outside. Think I might have a little whine to chase those blues away. Uncorked a bottle. 2013 vintage.

Looks like rain. Shared some whine with a few friends. Think they appreciated it. I could tell by the way their eyes kept glazing over with joy.

Cloudy, with a few spots of rain. Changed the sheets on my bed.

Drizzle again. Listened to my favourite Marvin Gaye album Here, My Drear. Three times. Dreary me, I’m becoming quite the music buff.

In the studio. Someone said that Will’s drums have been crackling again. Must have a word. Good job Guy’s bass is around to tether them to the ground. Bought down a case of whine to help with the recording.

Nothing but grey clouds. Thought I’d do a spot of wallpapering.

Changed the sheets on my bed again. Note to self: get more stain remover.

It’s drizzling outside.

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