22 of Tamsin Chapman’s favourite songs of 2012 so far

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Or an electro-pop song as darkly beautiful as this one:

(Molly Nilsson – I Hope You Die)

Or this one:


(Tyler Holmes – White Nectarine III) – free download

Or a femme-pop song as bouncy and grin-inducing as this one:

(TacocaT – Spring Break-Up)

Or a psych-fuzz song as melancholy as this one (with extra marks for the “2-3-4s”)

(Dignan Porch – Sad Shape)

Or just make some really brutal noise:

(Divorce – Horseheads)

Or some really brutal pop:

(AK/DK – Fallout Friedman)

And finally, if I were to tell you that a band exists that make music that sounds like no other band, past or present would you be interested?

If I were to tell you that one of the band members is a ventriloquist dummy, and that the main instruments used are theremin, vibraphone and an electronic bell rig, would you be interested?

If I were to tell you that their songs are all about the certainty of death, would you be interested?

I’m going to tell you anyway – they’re called Spacedog, and although tiny traces of influence can be gleaned here and there; the musique concrete of Daphne Oram, the cabaret chansons of Jaques Brel, the eeriest of folk songs, they are utterly themselves. They released their first album at the end of December last year (available here: http://spacedog.bandcamp.com/album/juice-for-the-baby ) and I have tried and failed for the last 6 months to review it, but it beat me. Here are some of the words I could have used: evil spirits of the British isles, ghost babies and electricity-crazed women, a child’s voice, mysterious electronic sounds and the chime of a piano, Jenny’s voice rises, a cracked cabaret, bells which seem to summon the birds, pulsing like halting breaths under the sea, sonar and octopus legs, the blue glow from TVs in the front room as you walk through suburbia, a vanitas…

(Spacedog – Apple Apple)

You hear people say, “music isn’t as good as it used to be”, but you don’t ever hear them say “books aren’t as good as they used to be”. That’s because to say such a thing would reveal that person as a massive tool. Think on, and then listen on.


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