22 of Tamsin Chapman’s favourite songs of 2012 so far

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And then what about this little bobby-dazzler? I make a point of never reading youtube comments because they usually appear to be written by a committee of 53 monkeys and 8 rapists, but the comment on this one: “Like the Shop Assistants only faster and a bit more complex” made me laugh so…

(Slowcoaches – We’re So Heavy)

Oh and forget what I said about computers too, ‘cos I love you too, especially when you do filthy squelches and bleeps and especially when you’re topped with an aces MC to add extra dirt on top, like Lady Dada here:

(Christeene – African Mayonnaise)

Or Afrikaans mayonnaise?

(Die Antwoord-  I Fink U Freeky)

And best of all, from Brighton-based DJ Format and hip-hop psych specialist Edan:

(DJ Format & Edan – Spaceship Earth)

The most memorable live experience I’ve had this year, bar none was provided by Homosexual Death Drive. They’ve not released any records yet, so for now, you’ll have to settle for a live clip. A twosome featuring queer fat activist Charlotte Cooper, they are the most confrontational band I’ve ever seen. The lyrics to one song are “First we fuck you/Then we kill you/Then we eat you/Then we shit you”. Another song has a pleasant melody and a danceable beat that people skip along happily to until Cooper reveals it’s about childhood sexual abuse. They are an inspiration and they are more truly punk than almost every band who ever existed. Put some records out soon please

(Homosexual Death Drive – Temple Of The Butthole)

(continues overleaf)

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